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Terrace board: types and features

Terrace board is a modern and practical way of arranging a veranda or gazebo on the territory of a private house, cafe, restaurant or other open-air location. An increasing number of people decide to buy a deck board made of wood or composite materials. This building material is perfect for finishing outside, but its price may scare away some buyers.

The Curtains-Shop company offers the supply of terrace boards WPC (wood-polymer composite) and natural acacia wood to all cities of Ukraine. Every month the number of applications for the purchase of building materials is growing - we recommend that you pay attention to it. If you are looking for quality decking boards, visit our store and apply online. Next, we will talk about the undeniable advantages of a decking board (another name is decking), the price of which is consistent with the quality.

What is acacia decking

Acacia is a natural tree of light color. Its natural physical and chemical properties are higher than those of many "brothers" (for example, than oak and artificially grown tropical trees). Shades of acacia range from light yellow with a hint of green to orange with honey veins. At the same time, the density of wood at standard air humidity is also higher than that of oak or teak.

Acacia wood contains natural chemical formations that provide protection from external harmful factors (like fungus and insects). Thanks to this, acacia has a unique and invaluable property - unlike many wood materials, it does not require any chemical treatment at all.

Acacia decking is an innovative eco-product for creating unusual outdoor areas. Such boards are more reliable and stronger than ordinary ones, they are highly resistant to weather and humidity changes, and also retain their predetermined shapes for many years.

Terrace board production

The production of high-quality terrace boards is a rather complex process in terms of technology. It requires compliance with all rules and procedures, the availability of professional equipment and only the best materials. Another important factor is qualified and trained personnel.

Initially, raw boards are dried in the open air, and then placed in chambers specially designed for this. They contain boards at low temperatures until the percentage of moisture in them decreases to 10-12 percent. The specified humidity guarantees a stable condition of the terrace boards. Additionally, during the process, the tension of the wood is removed.

Before splicing begins, all kinds of defects are removed from the boards: from knots to cracks. The resulting blanks are sorted into several categories: by shade, fibers and tangential cut of the tree (annual rings).

Our company manufactures and sells wooden terrace lamellas of different shapes, sizes and colors. We are also ready to take on an individual order according to the size of the customer. You can discuss the details with our managers online (on the website) or by phone.

Advantages of terrace boards

Acacia terrace board, which you can order on the " Curtains Shop " website, has a lot of advantages over similar products from other wood:

  1. Excellent moisture resistance. In view of the installation of terrace boards in open areas, this feature is of key importance. The building material does not rot or dry out over time, ensuring the integrity and preservation of the shape of the structure (terraces, verandas, gazebos, flooring);
  2. Large temperature fluctuations. Acacia boards can withstand a wide range of temperature fluctuations;
  3. High loads. Terrace board can withstand weight up to 1000 kg;
  4. Immunity to ultraviolet. The sun's rays will not spoil the decking even after many years of direct contact with it.

Resistance to aggressive environments and adverse external factors is achieved not only due to the natural properties of the source material (acacia), but also due to the peculiarities of the production process. In the manufacture of terrace boards, they are dried, polished and treated with special compounds against corrosion and pests.

How to choose the right deck board

Deciding to purchase a terrace board in Kyiv, Dnipro or any other city in Ukraine, first of all, you need to decide on its dimensions: length, width and thickness. Also pay attention to the bindings, the mounting system and the compatibility of the board with support systems.

There must be a fixed proportional relationship between the thickness and width of the material. This will ensure the reliability of installation and determine the rigidity of the structure. The optimal dimensions for a terrace board are 19-22 mm in thickness and 100-140 mm in width.

Mounts can be open or closed. In the first case, the decking is attached to the lags with self-tapping screws at the front. But in this case, there is a possibility that the material will be spoiled. In addition, open fasteners are not considered the most reliable - cracks that form with such fasteners can begin to rot over time.

When fastening a closed type, laying is carried out using fasteners or clips located from the inside. Additional grooves for installation will also be required, since the laying is done end-to-end. With closed fasteners, the material remains completely intact, microcracks do not appear. The coating will last at least 20 years and at the same time retain its original appearance.

If you are looking for a place where you can buy a decking board inexpensively, then our online store will help you with this. The company " Curtains-Shop " is engaged in the production and sale of terrace boards for construction. Our warehouses are located in major cities of the country (Kyiv and Dnipro), but we organize delivery to any locality by order of the client. We provide a guarantee for all products.

You can place an order yourself on our website Go to the desired category, select a product and submit an application. If you have any questions, please contact the online chat, request a call back or contact us using the contacts listed in the relevant section.

Terrace board made of natural acacia wood is the best solution for laying the flooring of your gazebo or terrace. The natural ability to not heat up in the sun makes the acacia board simply unique. The natural light color of the wood will complement any exterior with a beautiful view. Acacia has a v..
94.00 €
Wooden jointed decking is a new and reliable outdoor flooring. The board is made of the most reliable breed of a tree, an acacia. Since the board is made of several pieces (they can vary from 35 to 95 cm) and glued together, this gives it additional strength and stability than in a whole and solid l..
72.00 €
Facade graphite panel 155x13x3000 mm, designed for the installation of ventilated facades made of WPC and imitation of wood-like cladding of buildings. This board has the color GRAPHITE, in our range it is light gray, the front side looks like a cut of a tree with small veins and the texture of annu..
28.00 €
Terrace starter board 80×24×3000, used when installing the starter row or finishing the edges of the decking, has the same color and structure as the main terrace board. Hidden clips are used to fasten the starting board. If you plan to finish the edge with a plank, you must provide an indent from t..
3.82 €
Hollow corrugated terrace board NUT 162×20×2400, a board with milling of 10 grooves at a width of 16.2 cm, has a hollow structure, which makes the board lighter without loss of strength, due to six void channels with wide partitions. This board can be used in areas with high traffic. The color of th..
37.20 €
Corrugated terrace board-velveteen chestnut, solid 140×20×2400, CHESTNUT color with a fine velveteen texture and milled with not deep grooves at a distance of 10 mm from each other, has a full-bodied structure (solid), which makes it super durable. This board is designed for high traffic areas. The ..
49.00 €
Terrace board walnut-corrugated, solid (solid) 140×20×2400, walnut color with wood carcass texture, corrugated, has a solid structure (solid). This board is designed for high traffic areas. The color is characteristically creamy with a gray coating, the board has an imitation of a carcass of a tree...
59.00 €
Deck board “3D”, anthracite 150×20×2200, solid (solid), very strict requirements are applied to this flooring in terms of resistance to moisture absorption and fracture strength, withstands a load of 2 t/m2. The board has an ANTHRACITE color, a black-gray charcoal color with a slight light haze. A d..
61.25 €
Deck board “3D”, wenge 150×20×2200, solid (solid), very strict requirements are applied to this flooring in terms of resistance to moisture absorption and fracture strength, withstands a load of 2 t/m2. The board has the color of WENGE, dark brown, almost black with a slight white haze. A distinctiv..
61.25 €
Wooden beech siding 155x13x3000 mm, designed for the installation of ventilated facades made of WPC and imitation of wood-like cladding of buildings. This board has a beech color, dark yellow, honey color, the front side looks like a small carcass of wood with small veins of wood, a material for a b..
40.10 €
Siding facade board anthracite 191x16x2200 mm, designed for ventilated facades made of WPC (siding). This board has an ANTHRACITE color, almost black with a deep gray tint. You can choose one of the surfaces, one has a smooth solid color, and the other has a wood cut pattern, a material for a beauti..
29.16 €
Terrace board Lite, nature 140×20×2200, Tardex, budget, inexpensive, lightweight terrace board. Hollow (cellular), has four hollow chambers separated by thick partitions. The board has the color NATURAL, light brown with a yellow tint. Composition terrace board Lite, consists of hardwood - 70% polye..
31.40 €
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Spliced board is a very reliable and beautiful product. Such a board is made from several blanks, usually they are from 35 cm to 120 cm long, connected using a thorn-groove system and very reliable polyurethane glue. Such a glued board is much stronger than a regular whole board. Due to the variety of colors of acacia from light yellow to dark with unique natural veins of copper or honey color, such a terrace board will decorate any veranda.
In our assortment, there is a terrace board made of natural wood, acacia. Acacia is the most durable type of wood, even stronger than oak, the density of acacia at a moisture content of 13% is 760 kg / m3, and oak 690 kg / m3.
Since acacia contains tannin-robinetin, which protects wood from pests, decay, the service life reaches up to 30 years.
This product is 150 mm to 250 mm wide, 15 mm to 40 mm thick and 1500 mm to 4000 mm long, made from 80% sawdust and plasticizers, which give strength, color, reliability, does not burn, does not fade in the sun , not subject to damage from insects, keeps its shape in frost and at high temperatures.
Terrace board made of acacia is the best flooring option, since it is this breed that does not heat up in the sun, unlike WPC materials, and you will always walk barefoot on this terrace. The second advantage is the beautiful natural color and appearance of annual rings, which can not be repeated by more than one WPC.
The limited warranty is 10 years, subject to professional installation and compliance with the rules of storage and transportation. The service life is up to 50 years.
Yes, we make installation in all cities of Ukraine.
There is no need to specifically adjust the gaps, they are adjusted with clips that you will use during installation, the gap ranges from 3.5 - 5 mm.
No you can not. Installation must be carried out on the crate and observe a transverse step of 40 cm, a longitudinal step of up to 50 cm. Otherwise, if you do not use the crate, puddles may form in which the WPC will lie and over time it will swell and deteriorate.
For arranging the floor on: balconies, loggias, near ponds, pools, beaches, for cafes, restaurants, gazebos, verandas, piers, piers, floors, garden paths, arrangement of country houses and cottages.
Notice the cut. A smooth or slightly rough cut shows a well bonded material (WPC) that will last a long time. If the material on the cut crumbles or looks like cardboard, this is an occasion to think about the composition of the raw material. An important point is to think over the laying of the first and last board, so that at the end of the installation it would not be a surprise for you. The board can be slightly let out over the edge of the flooring, but not more than 2 cm, and if it rests against the wall, calculate the amount, so as not to cut the board later. Do not overtighten the screws during installation. Check the quality of the screws, they must be without large heads, otherwise the board will stick out. Before installation, let the WPC rest, lay them on a flat surface and let them lie down for 2-3 days, so that they level out and take their shape.
It is necessary to ensure that there is no water on the board for a long time, no more than 3-4 days, the board can absorb water and swell. It is necessary to clean the surface of the terrace with a brush with a soft bristle. After laying in a few months, the shade may change, this happens with absolutely all WPC from any manufacturer. But then it won't change color anymore.
Natural acacia wood - advantages in unique color and texture, environmental friendliness. Thermo-treated wood is very durable, aesthetic, but fragile. Wood-polymer composite - a variety of colors, sizes, the price is cheaper than wooden counterparts.
Full-bodied - a very reliable board with a thickness of 15 mm, used for commercial use, where there will be a large load on the floor. Hollow - inside such a board has empty grooves, which facilitates products and thus reduces the cost of it.
Imitation of wood, embossing - very natural cuts of wood are obtained. Corduroy - brushing, after this treatment the surface becomes with small grooves. The sole of the human foot clings very securely to such a surface. Gloss - with this treatment, the surface becomes perfectly smooth.
The entire range is in stock in Kyiv, as soon as you pay for the order, we immediately send the goods, you can receive it within 1-3 days.
)) We consider all orders individually and for each miscalculation we have individual discounts from 5 to 20%, bonuses and gifts.
To the card of FOP Bank Privatbank; - to the legal account persons (LLC with VAT, through the bank's cash desk or current account);
After placing an order, you will receive a notification about the status of the order by mail (check your SPAM folder). All orders are processed during working hours from 9 to 18 from Monday to Friday. If the order is placed after 18:00, it will be processed on the next business day. Our managers will contact you and verify the order information you specified (phone number, full name, delivery address, etc.).
We add HDPE (low pressure polyethylene) as it does not contain "CHLORINE", which, when heated, can evaporate from the product.
Yes, it is possible, but provided that the standard length and that the package has not been opened. We take such goods with a commission of 40%.
Abrasion is standard, this is 5% for 7 years.
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