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Glazing ✴️ verandas and terraces

Frameless glazing of verandas and terraces

Frameless glazing is ideal for arranging trade and exhibition pavilions, summer verandas in cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers, gazebos and terraces. If you need to organize internal partitions in an office, administrative or other premises, as well as add new interior elements, the system will perfectly cope with this difficult task. The main thing is to decide on the size, design features and type of glass.

What are the advantages of the system

Before us is a lower support system in which the weight of the wings falls solely on the floor covering. The advantage of this design is installation without complex and expensive bearing supports, without additional reinforcement of walls, floors, ceilings. Top-hanging analogues cannot boast of such a feature.

And this is far from the only plus of frameless glazing. Pay attention to the following points:

- sashes stretch one after another and move in parallel, thereby saving space;

- threshold height - no more than 12.5 mm, which minimizes any discomfort when walking;

- increased insulation due to a double-circuit brush seal in the lower part of each sash;

- prevention of blowing dust, debris, snow into the room, no drafts.

Common glazing options are three and five tracks with separate sashes. The movement of glasses is carried out along the skids of the lower profile according to the principle of opening the doors of a conventional wardrobe. Depending on the design, up to 80% of all glass surfaces are exposed.

The longer the opening, the more sashes should be. If 5 tracks are installed as a result, then there will be 10 leaves in total (two leaves on each guide). Such a system moves apart to the left and right, that is, to two sides.

Main design features

As mentioned earlier, the sashes of the system are securely interconnected, so when one moves, the others also move. To close the entire structure, it is enough to push or pull the first sash towards you - the rest will automatically fall into the desired position. If we dig deeper, we will see the following picture:

- sashes move on rollers that rest on the lower profile;

- it is attached to the terrace board and ceramic tiles or built into the floor;

- the system is equipped with standard and non-standard locks, aluminum handles;

- anodized metal structure, often has a silky surface;

- a common option is silver coloring, but it is possible without paint;

- any colors are available according to the international RAL scale, wood imitation is possible.

The inclination of the sashes is regulated by the position of the rollers, the vertical position of the glass and the evenness of the glass adjoining each other also depends on the rollers. High reliability is ensured by built-in bearings made of stainless steel and special impact-resistant plastic. The closed type design is a guaranteed protection against moisture and pollution. Accordingly, the installed bearings are characterized by a long service life without repair, replacement and service.

Important details to know

SLIDING SMART is equipped with original latches. The place of their fixation is the side frame profile, and their main task is to limit the movement of the outer sash. This is necessary so that the structure stretches along its entire length and completely covers the desired space.

There is an aluminum seal between the glasses, which is located perpendicular to the glass and is responsible for the absence of gaps in the double-glazed window. This element protects the room from wind and precipitation, while not impairing the appearance of the system at all.

Glass can be used both ordinary and tempered up to 10 mm thick. But here you need to understand that the thicker the glass, the greater its weight. The maximum height of a standard sash is 3 m and its weight reaches 80 kg. If it is necessary to increase the width of the glass, for example, up to 1200 mm, the structure must be equipped with reinforced rollers with four bearings. This is a prerequisite, because the weight of one sash is automatically increased to 120 kg.

Glass processing technology does not matter. If necessary, you can apply an image by matting individual zones or using color photo printing, engraving. This option is especially appreciated by those who wish to create an individual author's style in the office or cafe. The sliding structure is often marked with the name of the company, contact information, logo, and other corporate symbols. If the system serves as an internal partition, then the original drawing on it will make the interior of the room or office exclusive.

And one more thing worth paying attention to is the quality and purpose of the upper profile. It is used to fix glass and prevent it from falling out of the structure when exposed to external factors. Both in the lower and in the upper profile, the glass moves by means of a roller mechanism. The process of movement itself occurs smoothly and quietly, that is, the doors do not twitch and do not emit extraneous sounds (creaking, cod, etc.). Other systems cannot boast such high results in this matter.

It is interesting that the upper profile does not exert any load on the structure, so during installation it is not necessary to reinforce anything or install additional elements (for example, power brackets). It is allowed to mount a glass structure in any buildings and in any openings.

Do you want to know more information about the features and benefits of the SLIDING SLIM, SLIDING SMART, SLIDING TRACK, FLOPPY SPIN, CENTRUM, GILIOTINA MONO, GILIOTINA TWIN, BUTTERFLY, OPTIMA, TIARA MAX system? Contact our employees in any convenient way: through the feedback form or by phone numbers indicated on the website. None of your questions will remain unanswered. If necessary, measurers will promptly go to the site, inspect it, listen to your wishes and select the best system option based on your budget.

Slide glass low glazing system has the smallest threshold height, which is 7.5 mm; opening, since the system is considered to be the lower support, the entire load falls on the lower profile located on the floor. In this system, it is possible to move the leaves both dependently and independently of..
541.00 €
The Slide glass tall veranda glazing system has a reinforced aluminum track with a height of 30 mm and a modified seal between the sliding roller and the track, which prevents drafts from entering the room. When opening or closing, the sashes move dependently, clinging to each other, this is possibl..
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The Slide glass veranda glazing system has a 12.5 mm high reinforced aluminum track with a modified seal between the sliding roller and the track, which prevents drafts from entering the room. When opening or closing, the sashes move dependently, clinging to each other, this is possible with special..
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Guillotine vertical glazing system or vertically sliding glass system with automatic control, a unique invention, sliding the windows in a vertical position occurs with the help of an electric motor. The best solution for glazing terraces and verandas of cafes and restaurants, allowing you to extend..
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Questions - Answers

▶️ What is frameless glazing?

Frameless sliding glazing is a glazing of a veranda, terrace or loggia without vertical pillars and frames.

▶️ How warm can frameless glazing be?

Glazed terraces with frameless glazing will be warmer by 5-7 degrees from the street. Mechanisms will not freeze even in hard frost. But using underfloor heating or other types of heating can significantly extend your stay on the terrace in the autumn.

▶️ What are the advantages of frameless glazing?

Glass panels are easy to move and assemble in one place. There are no frames that cover part of the lighting flow. Reduce the noise from the street, the room becomes quieter. Ability to build any configuration.

▶️ What is the maximum sash size?

Height 3000 mm, width 980 mm, but you need to take into account the thickness of the glass, the height of the floor, windiness in the area.

▶️ How tight is frameless glazing?

Frameless glazing has gaps between glasses of 2-3 mm, there are felt seals in the guides.

▶️ What frameless glazing systems do you have in your range?

Basically, these are lower support, where the entire weight of the glass falls on the lower guides. Lower support systems have different types of thresholds in height. Top mounted systems are also available in our catalog.

▶️ What glasses do you use?

For frameless glazing, tempered glass is used (6 times stronger than usual) with a thickness of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

▶️ Do you have non-viewable glass?

You can order frosted (with sandblasting) or colored glass from us, you can use mirror glass, which transmits light into the room, but is opaque from the outside.

▶️ What is the weight of the glass?

A square meter of 6mm tempered glass. weighs 18 kg; 8mm - 20 kg; 10mm - 22 kg.

▶️ How long does installation take?

If no additional work is required to form or strengthen the opening, then installation takes 1 day.

▶️ What color is your profile?

The standard color is brown, white, but we can paint it in any color according to the RAl catalog, the surcharge to the cost will be + 8%.

▶️ How to care for glazing?

It is very easy to wash the glasses by sliding them one by one. The fittings do not require additional lubrication, provided that you do not have sand in the guides.

▶️ How do I know that managers see my order and how will they contact me after placing an order?

After placing an order, you will receive a notification about the status of the order by mail (check your SPAM folder). All orders are processed during working hours from 9 to 18 from Monday to Friday. If the order is placed after 18:00, it will be processed on the next business day. Our managers will contact you and verify the order information you specified (phone number, full name, delivery address, etc.).