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Electrocornice for curtains
Electrocornice for curtains
Silent electric cornice with a 5 year warranty

Modern automatic curtain rods - electric curtain rods , which you can buy in our company, can have different capacities.

The advantages of the device include:

  • reliability;
  • long service life;
  • the possibility of using with curtains of a classic and modern look.

In addition, among the positive characteristics of the products, one cannot forget about the absolute noiselessness. The electrocornice is a profile made of aluminum, steel, plastic. A steel cable or chain is placed in the box.

Curtain fasteners move along the profile with the help of a carriage designed for this purpose, which is controlled by an electric motor. Steel can withstand a fairly large load, compared with plastic or with the same aluminum. Although plastic is the most inexpensive option. When installing the system, standard and non-standard profiles are used. Both options are ready to offer our store.

Карнизы / Электрокарнизы

How to manage the device? The first option is with the help of a button, through which the curtain moves. There are also modern wireless technologies that allow you to control an electric mechanism using a remote control type. The price of the first will be less, the second more expensive, but it's really worth it.

Mixed control systems are often used to open the shade if there is no electricity.

Everything for curtains: curtain rods, electric curtain rods

We are ready to offer to buy any cornice for everyone via the Internet or offline.

In order to choose a model, you need to consider:

  • window opening length;
  • structure weight;
  • purpose of the room.

Individual elements of the device can always be made in any color, taking into account the interior design of the entire apartment or house. You can buy an electric curtain rod in our company through the online store at any time.

Our range of cordless cordless electric curtain rods

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Electric curtain rod control

Electric curtain rail with feedback GL45/20, complete with Sky-Light-io-RTS (75/20) motor, is designed for light curtains weighing up to 40 kg per linear meter, usually these are standard heights up to 3 meters to the ceiling and with regular lightweight fabrics. Feedback makes it possible to contro..
139.00 €
Reinforced electric eaves with feedback GL75/20, complete with Sky-io-RTS (75/20) motor, designed for medium and heavy curtains weighing up to 60 kg per linear meter. Feedback makes it possible to control the electric faucet from a phone or other gadgets, and the built-in radio receiver allows you t..
178.00 €
The Shuttle AC electric cornice is a special series of motors designed for wired control through a conventional switch button with a 220 V connection (control occurs simply by supplying electricity, the engine is running, turn off, stops) or connected to the "smart home" system using RJ14 connectors..
215.00 €
Bay window electric cornice (bent, radius, arched), this is an aluminum cornice curved according to the shape of the window or walls we need, it can be bent both along the entire length, so that only the edges are bent at angles of 90 °, 120 °, 130 ° or in any another. For the bay window, any type o..
166.00 €
Electric eaves with wire control GL-standart 45/20 assembled with a lightweight engine Sky-light-standard (45/20), designed for yt heavy curtains weighing up to 40 kg per linear meter. This is a budget version of the curtain rod, it can only close and open the curtains by pressing the control key. T..
138.00 €
Electric eaves with wire control GL-standart 75/20 assembled with a lightweight engine Sky-light-standard (45/20), designed for heavy curtains weighing up to 60 kg per linear meter. This is a budget version of the curtain rod, it can only close and open the curtains by pressing the control key. The ..
174.00 €
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Questions - Answers

▶️ At what distance does the remote work?

The remote control transmits a signal up to 200 mm in open space, in buildings it is up to 50 m.

▶️ What wires need to be brought out?

Wires with a cross section of 0.75 mm2. The number of cores depends on the type of motor and control. Motors with wire (phase) control: 4 cores (grounded). Radio: 3 cores. Smart home control (dry contact): 4 cores (minimum 3).

▶️ What size niche do you need?

If there is one electric drive, then the width of the niche should be at least 15cm. If there are two rows of electric curtain rods, the width of the niche must be at least 21cm. If one row is installed with an electric drive, and the second is mechanical, then the width of the niche should be at least 18cm.

▶️ What affects the power of the electric motor?

Power directly affects the ability to use heavy fabrics for curtains, the lighter the fabric, the less powerful you can choose the engine.

▶️ What is the maximum weight of the curtain rod?

70 kg per linear meter, you can hang a curtain.

▶️ What is the maximum length of an electric faucet?

4 meters in one whole strip. Also, cornices can be made with an irregular shape, an arc, an arch, a bay window, a wave.

▶️ If you turn off the light, how to open the curtains?

In this case, the electric cornices are provided with the Touch Motion system, automatic start-up of the electric drive when the web is tensioned by hand or unlocking in the event of a power outage. You simply pull the edge of the curtain and it opens or closes.

▶️ Can one remote control control three curtains at once?

Yes, you can, the consoles have a group control system, you can control everyone at the same time or separately, I choose the desired curtain.

▶️ Is it possible to work electric curtain rods on a timer?

Yes, it is possible, you can connect an electric cornice to the smart home system or additionally install a control unit and control the cornice via a smartphone or voice.

▶️ We haven't wired, what should we do?

No problem. In our assortment there are electric curtain rods Galaxy 14.8V Sky-HH-Light-(1.2/14) powered by a battery or solar panels. One charge of such batteries lasts for up to 5 months with two times a day.

▶️ What is the warranty for electric curtain rods?

For automation of the French manufacturer SOMFY - 6 years, for GALAXY - 3 years.

▶️ What type of payment do you accept?

To the card of FOP Bank Privatbank; - to the legal account persons (LLC with VAT, through the bank's cash desk or current account);

▶️ How do I know that managers see my order and how will they contact me after placing an order?

After placing an order, you will receive a notification about the status of the order by mail (check your SPAM folder). All orders are processed during working hours from 9 to 18 from Monday to Friday. If the order is placed after 18:00, it will be processed on the next business day. Our managers will contact you and verify the order information you specified (phone number, full name, delivery address, etc.).
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