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Automation ⚡ for curtains

Modern housing is filled with many systems, including automated control systems for curtains, blinds . Automation for curtains is so high-tech that it allows you to control any design.

There is no need to worry about installing such a system, even if the room has already been renovated. A special motor allows you to refuse to install a power cable to the eaves. Our company, located in the city of Dnipro, offers customers a huge range of stylish and inexpensive remote controls that have many functionalities. The presented electronics are easy to use and reliable. You can get acquainted with it in the store. Models are selected according to the interior design and even the color of the fabric.

For the manufacture of such devices, only high-quality materials are used. The system can be installed by contacting MARKIZALUX. Installation of automation does not take much time. You can create comfort in the apartment with the help of such a device. The curtain will look more impressive and presentable.

The system also allows you to control automatic blinds . To do this, you need to use electric drives and remote controls. The curtain will be opened or closed by pressing a special button.

What is included in the system

The system consists of many elements, each of which performs an important task:

  • The electrocornice is made of aluminium. Inside the automation is a reinforced belt.
  • An electric drive that drives the carriage. Canvases are attached to it. If we talk about roller blinds, there is a tubular motor here.
  • Remote controller. It should control all the curtains and blinds at the same time without any difficulty.
  • This is a simple, inexpensive option for introducing a smart home system into the premises, which our store offers.

It is no coincidence that automation has gained immense popularity. It has a number of advantages:

  • installation of system on a window of any size and a form is possible. More information about the range can be found on the Internet;
  • you can install automation even in arched openings;
  • the curtain opens as quickly as possible, completely silently, without causing discomfort to its owner;
  • opening and closing curtains does not require large energy costs;
  • curtains and blinds will last much longer;
  • possibility to order goods on the Internet.

Automatic, inexpensive systems lead to reduced indoor noise. The devices have an attractive appearance, complementing the window, the design of the room. Electrical systems can have different colors, stylistic solutions. Among a large number of models, you can find the best inexpensive option. The store has a low price range.

We must not forget that automation is multifunctional, provides many opportunities. It is easy to integrate into a smart home system.

Installation does not require laying a power cable, as they operate on batteries. Automation does not need wires, everything is controlled by a remote control.

Controlled window systems are the best, inexpensive option for those who want to automatically control their shades at a bargain price.

A person will no longer have to be distracted from his affairs, go to the window to open or close the window opening, adjust the new position of the blinds. All you need to do is press the button on the remote control. In this case, the curtain moves both on one window and on several.

It is recommended to connect a light sensor and a timer together with the installation of electric cornices on windows, which will lead to even greater automation. The curtain will then be able to open and close independently, at a set time, or when the light level changes.

Bargain purchase - automation for curtains

All of the listed options in our company are also set at a low price. The client will buy a system that will give comfort to the apartment.

In the store of the city of Dnipro, the buyer will find a huge range of high-quality electric curtain rods at an attractive price. There is a website on the Internet. If necessary, you can buy a cornice for an individual, inexpensive configuration. You can order goods online. Experienced specialists will help you choose the right system, install it. The store makes the buying process extremely simple.

Electric curtain rail with feedback GL45/20, complete with Sky-Light-io-RTS (75/20) motor, is designed for light curtains weighing up to 40 kg per linear meter, usually these are standard heights up to 3 meters to the ceiling and with regular lightweight fabrics. Feedback makes it possible to contro..
139.00 €
Reinforced electric eaves with feedback GL75/20, complete with Sky-io-RTS (75/20) motor, designed for medium and heavy curtains weighing up to 60 kg per linear meter. Feedback makes it possible to control the electric faucet from a phone or other gadgets, and the built-in radio receiver allows you t..
178.00 €
The Shuttle AC electric cornice is a special series of motors designed for wired control through a conventional switch button with a 220 V connection (control occurs simply by supplying electricity, the engine is running, turn off, stops) or connected to the "smart home" system using RJ14 connectors..
215.00 €
Bay window electric cornice (bent, radius, arched), this is an aluminum cornice curved according to the shape of the window or walls we need, it can be bent both along the entire length, so that only the edges are bent at angles of 90 °, 120 °, 130 ° or in any another. For the bay window, any type o..
166.00 €
Electric eaves with wire control GL-standart 45/20 assembled with a lightweight engine Sky-light-standard (45/20), designed for yt heavy curtains weighing up to 40 kg per linear meter. This is a budget version of the curtain rod, it can only close and open the curtains by pressing the control key. T..
138.00 €
Electric eaves with wire control GL-standart 75/20 assembled with a lightweight engine Sky-light-standard (45/20), designed for heavy curtains weighing up to 60 kg per linear meter. This is a budget version of the curtain rod, it can only close and open the curtains by pressing the control key. The ..
174.00 €
Electric eaves with a horizontal arrangement of the engine GL-НН 1.2/14, assembled, designed for light curtains weighing up to 40 kg per linear meter. More often, its cornice with a horizontal motor is used when hanging only curtains, when the translucent material of the tulle is translucent and the..
140.00 €
Quiet electric curtain track GL-Q1.2/1/4, complete with ky-light-q-RTS (1.2/1.4) motor, designed for light curtains weighing up to 40 kg per linear meter. This type of cornice is characterized by very quiet operation of the engine, which is almost inaudible, which is 32 dB. A very convenient Touch M..
166.00 €
Remote control for electric curtain rods manufactured by galaxy, GL with feedback 15-channel G DD-IO 15/30. One remote control can control 30 types of products, two for each channel. For example, you have two electric curtain rods, three roller blinds and one Roman blind, a separate channel is progr..
39.90 €
Control panel for electric eaves 1-channel G DC-1/2, one-sided without feedback. One remote control can control two devices, for example, an electric curtain rod and a roller blind or another electric curtain rod. On the body of the remote there are buttons "up", "down", "stop" and two horizontal bu..
19.00 €
Electrocornice with removable battery GL-AC 1.2/14, assembled, designed for light curtains weighing up to 40 kg per linear meter. This type of electric cornice is used if it is not possible to connect the power supply to the cornice motor, it happens that the repair has already been completed, and t..
230.00 €
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